Saturday, January 12, 2008

Make money online everyday!

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Freebie trading is one of the most fun and innovative ways that you can make cash online. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, so before you start scrolling to the bottom of the page -- IAM NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO PAY ME TO GET STARTED. Infact, I'll pay you to complete my sites and I'll help guide you along your way to making money.


Theres so many freebie sites out there and many people look online for referrals so that they can complete offers. There are two types of trades - trades for sites (ex: I'll do your polomonster site if you can do my rocketbills site) and trades for cash (ex: I'll pay you $40 if you complete my macrobucks site). Now, theres even some folk who get creative and offer items for referrals. I personally stick to traditional trades. You must first complete your site and go green before referring others. You should never sign up for a site and start referring people before you complete the offer yourself. The general rule of thumb on the trade boards is if another trader a record higher than yours, you must complete their site first.

It's so hard for people to believe that they can actually make money online DAILY and I am testifying that YOU absolutely can. Have you ever seen any of those freebie sites? Well, theres many people who trade with others in order to get free items and or cash. With some sites you only need 1 referral to cash out. Certainly, finding one referral daily shouldn't be an issue since once they sign up and complete the requirements they too can began finding others to complete that site. More advanced traders offer cash or items in order for their sites to be completed, but the real money is in completing the 1 referral cash out sites. You are guaranteed to make from $40.00 to $125.00 depending on the site just for having 1 referral!

For me, online trading is a fun hobby but for some this is how they support themselves. Communication and honesty is key with trading. Heres a list of sites that I'm completing that offer 1 referral cash outs: Pays: $40.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $40.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $40.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $60.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $60.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $60.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $100.00 for 1 referral!! Pays: $125.00 for 1 referral!!

Of course this isn't all of the sites out there that pay with 1 referral, but this is a good start. Imagine if you signed up and referred just 8 people a week (one for each site). Thats an extra $525.00 a week in your pocket per week! Now what if you managed to get 8 people to sign up (one for each site) a day! $525.00 X 7 = 3675.00 !!!! Now as I've stated, this isn't all the sites that you can cash out with 1 referral. So, have I peaked your interest yet? :) Are you wondering where do you find referrals from?

You can make flyers and post them around town (I recommend leaving one form of communication on the flyer so that interested folks can email you). Theres also many sites you can join and look for other traders:

Please, always read the forum rules at these sites before posting.

If any of you would like to sign up at any of the 1 referral sites where you can cash out, please use my referral link and leave a comment here. If you complete any 3 of my sites, I will pay you $50.00 via paypal and yes I am verified! Happy Trading!

You can reach me on aim at: sugahbunnyhunx0x

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Laura said...

I am going to do 3 of your sites. How soon will I get paid $50.00? :)

Shae said...

Immediately! I'll send payment to the email you registered with.

bbcbcc said...

I will do that, how to?

Anonymous said...

Never pay for what should be free!